30 Aprile 2024


On April 30th 2024  "Radio Sky remixes” is released.

VALENTE’s  latest work is an Ep strongly influenced by dub, electronic, experimental and club music, in which 4 tracks from his last album “Radio Sky” are remixed from "dub master" Paolo Baldini DubFiles (Africa Unite, Almamegretta , producer for Mellow Mood and many more) EUGENE (composer, singer,  keyboards player with electro-pop and new wave artists as Andy  “Bluvertigo” and Garbo and producer and remixer for labels as Wall of Sound),  Jason Lindner (contemporary jazz american pianist also keyboard player for David Bowie’s masterpiece “Blackstar”) and Templebeat LTD ( one of the projects, together with Templezone, Blackbeat, They Die, of the eclectic industrial, dark wave and experimental music composer and visual artist Giorgio Ricci). 

The 4 tracks are accompanied by 4 new visuals  realized by Blackbeat Production aka Giorgio Ricci, each one of them with a different color just as the covers of the 4 tracks released by Giulia Baldissera from an illustration of Nicola Stefanato.

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